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Complete Canned Drinks Production Line

*We supply complete solution for the carbonated beverage bottling plant ,including Water treatment system / Beverage mixing System / Washing filling capping machine / Pasteurizer tunnel / Automatic labeling machine / Automatic packing machine / Automatic Palletizer system

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Whole Line Introduction

  • Can Beverage Filling Machine
  • Can Depalletizer Machine
  • Can Line Auxiliary Machine
  • Pasteurizer Tunnel
  • Bottle Packing Machine
  • Conveyor System
Can Beverage Filling Machine

The machine is suitable for filling and sealing beverage or brewage industry, it have such features as rapid filling and sealing speed, consistent height from the liquid level in the can to the can mouth after filling, stable machine operation, good sealing quality, beautiful and decent appearance, convenient use and maintenance, touch screen operation, frequency conversion speed adjustment, etc. It is the most ideal filling and sealing device for beverage plants and brew houses.

Can Depalletizer Machine

It can replace the manual can arrangement, increase production efficiency, it is an indispensable ideal device for middle and large sized beverage plants, plc programmable computer automatic controller, photo-electricity switch, over travel-limit switch and pneumatic control, etc, use the famous brand from germany and japan and taiwan.

Can Line Auxiliary Machine

Including Liquid level check, vacuum leakage test, liquid nitrogen dosing machine.

Pasteurizer Tunnel

With various zones treatment of circulated cooling water and the treatment time can be adjusted according to the user’s requirement. The machine are specially designed for the pasteurizer tunnel, can be used for the carbonated drink, juice, beer, food product.

Bottle Packing Machine

Packaging machine is a kind of machine that packages products, which plays a role of protection and beauty. The packaging machine is mainly divided into two aspects: 1 Assembly line integrated production packaging, 2 Product peripheral packaging equipment

Assembly line integrated production packaging is applied to filling (filling), sealing machine and coding of (bagged and bottled) products in food, medicine, daily chemical, hardware, lighting, furniture and other industries.

It mainly includes: packaging machine, filling machine, sealing machine, coding machine, vacuum machine, shrinking machine, vacuum packaging machine, weighing packaging machine, etc

Conveyor System

We design the factory layout based on customer factory sizes, whole line design is based on famous brand motors and automatic lubricant system, and with less power consumption, and save space.

    Flow Chart

    Date Information







      Capacity (500ml/can/h)






      Can Size

      150ml to 500ml (Special size can be customized)

      Filling Temperature


      Rated Power






      Overall Size












    Flow Diagram

    Water Treatment System
    Raw Water Pump
    Silica Sand Filter
    Active Carbon Filter
    Sodium Ion Exchanger
    Micro Filter
    Reverse Osmosis
    Uv Sterilizer
    Ozone Mixer
    Pure Water Tank

    Drink Mixing System

    This is to mix the drink with sugar, juice concentrate and other chemicals.

    With food grade stainless steel, high quality motors and professional design.

    Including temperature meter, liquid level pipe, high shear motor,CIP cleaning ball, aseptic breathe hole and so on.

    Carbonated Drink Mixing Machine

    It is designed and made for improving the proportion of water, syrup and carbon dioxide, it adopts carbon dioxide reflux deoxidization, which not only saves carbon dioxide, but also achieves the purpose of deoxidization. It has the advantages of coordinated movement, beautiful appearance, convenient cleaning and high automation, and is suitable for mixing various types of beverages. Such as soda, fruit juice drinks, cola and other drinks.

    Automatic CIP System

    CIP cleaning system is mainly used for cleaning equipment and pipes such as beverage, juice, beer and dairy products etc.

    CIP uses centrifugal pump to convoy cleaning liquid into the material pipeline and equipment for full closed cycle cleaning, reducing labor depth and ensuring the quality of beverages.

    Empty Can De-palletizer

    This equipment is to de-palletize the new empty can from the pallet to the conveyor system, so that all the cans can go to the filling system one by one.

    Bottle Warmer

    After filling in CSD, the bottle is very cold, the bottle warmer is to warm up the bottle to a normal temperature so that there will be less water on the bottle.

    Liquid Level Inspector

    It matches on the can line for checking the level of beverage, if the filling quantity do not reach the standard which will be kick out. From that it can keep the product safety.

    Inside Pressure Inspector

    This equipment is to check the pressure inside the can, if it is not qualified, this equipment will also kick out it automatically.

    Case Packing Machine

    There are mainly two kinds of case packing machine, film shrink wrapping machine and carton packing machine. For film shrink wrapping machine, there is also with for unprinted film and for printed film, then there is also shrink film with carton tray.

    For carton packing machine, there is tape sealing type and hot glue sealing type.


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