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Complete Beer Filling Machine Production Line

We supply complete solution for the beer production line, including beer filling machine (rinsing, filling capping 3in1), beer cold glue labeling system, beer film packaging machine & carton box packing machine, also can supply the beer processing system, like saccharification system & filteration system, and fermentation and storage system.

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Whole Line Introduction

  • Beer Filling Machine
  • Beer Brewing Machine
  • Pasteurizer Tunnel
  • Labeling Machine
  • Bottle Packing Machine
  • Conveyor System
Beer Filling Machine

This beer filling machine is my company's introduction of german technology, combined with the characteristics of beer production industry, designed to develop small-scale beer filling equipment.The machine has excellent mechanical operation reliability, improved rinsing, filling, cover screwing, disinfection sterilization and other functions.

Beer Brewing Machine

Beer brewing equipment designed for the ever-evolving craft brewer.Built for great beer!Between brewhouses, fermenters, brite tanks and more, sdet has the experience and know how to design and install the beer brewing equipment for breweries of any size.Whether you need a turnkey brewing system or individual pieces of equipment for handling raw materials, brewing or packaging.

Pasteurizer Tunnel

With various zones treatment of circulated cooling water and the treatment time can be adjusted according to the user’s requirement. The machine are specially designed for the pasteurizer tunnel, can be used for the carbonated drink, juice, beer, food product.

Labeling Machine

Labeling machine is a device that pastes roll of self-adhesive paper labels (paper or metal foil) on PCB, products or specified packaging machine.

The types of products are divided into linear labeling machine and rotary labeling machine.

According to different adhesive coating methods, it can be divided into self-adhesive labeling machine, paste labeling machine (paste labeling machine, glue labeling machine) and hot-melt adhesive labeling machine.The utility model has a wide range of application and can meet the full circle labeling or semi circle labeling of round bottles. The labeling switching between bottles is simple and the adjustment is convenient.

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Bottle Packing Machine

Packaging machine is a kind of machine that packages products, which plays a role of protection and beauty. The packaging machine is mainly divided into two aspects: 1 Assembly line integrated production packaging, 2 Product peripheral packaging equipment

Assembly line integrated production packaging is applied to filling (filling), sealing machine and coding of (bagged and bottled) products in food, medicine, daily chemical, hardware, lighting, furniture and other industries.

It mainly includes: packaging machine, filling machine, sealing machine, coding machine, vacuum machine, shrinking machine, vacuum packaging machine, weighing packaging machine, etc

Conveyor System

We design the factory layout based on customer factory sizes, whole line design is based on famous brand motors and automatic lubricant system, and with less power consumption, and save space.

    Flow Chart

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      Suitable Bottle

      Glass Bottle

      Bottle Diameter


      Bottle Height


      Rated Power



      5  .5KW



      Overall size












    Flow Diagram

    Water Treatment System
    Raw Water Pump
    Silica Sand Filter
    Active Carbon Filter
    Sodium Ion Exchanger
    Micro Filter
    Reverse Osmosis
    Uv Sterilizer
    Ozone Mixer
    Pure Water Tank

    Glass Bottle De-palletizer

    The box loading/unloading machine is used to automatically load/unload the packaged products into/out of the plastic turnover box according to a certain arrangement and a certain amount. This machine adopts PLC + touch screen control, man-machine interface operation, safe and reliable equipment action, convenient operation, stable operation and low failure rate. It reduces production personnel and labor intensity, and has obvious benefits. It is an indispensable equipment for automated large-scale production.

    Recycled Bottle Washing Machine

    Bottle washer is the perfect combination of high quality technology and low investment. In order to save energy, we choose to use simple, reliable, close-structure, modularization ratchet wheel and universal wheel design instead of complex automatic technology. It can be regulated according to consumers’ requirements in terms of container size, label content and factory space. It has the advantages of low investment and running cost, low energy consuming, high efficiency, excellent washing results.

    Bottle Pasteurizing Tunnel

    The spray sterilization tunnel is a pasteurization equipment specially used for filling or packaging dairy products, juices, beverages, beer, food, medicines, etc. It is an ideal equipment for materials to achieve the purpose of extending the shelf life through sterilization and cooling, especially for automation The necessary secondary sterilization equipment for the production line.

    Labeling Machine

    There are mainly three kinds labeling machine, PVC sleeve shrink labeling machine, pressure sensitive sticker labeling machine and OPP hot glue labeling machine.

    They is suitable for labeling all kinds of bottles and containers for drinks and daily chemicals.

    Case Packing Machine

    There are mainly two kinds of case packing machine, film shrink wrapping machine and carton packing machine. For film shrink wrapping machine, there is also with for unprinted film and for printed film, then there is also shrink film with carton tray.

    For carton packing machine, there is tape sealing type and hot glue sealing type.


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    Zhangjiagang Alps Machine Co., Ltd is located at the new port city-Zhangjiagang, it was founded at 2011 and started with beverage filling and packing machines. 
    Our company covers an area of 15,000m2 and has standard workshop of 12,000m2.



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