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"Water treatment equipment" is a kind of equipment for filtering and purifying water by removing some harmful substances that are not needed for production and life through various physical and chemical means.

Water treatment equipment can be divided into sewage treatment equipment, raw water treatment equipment, water purification equipment, filtration equipment and ultra pure water equipment. does not change the chemical properties of water and has no side effects on human body.

2. The descaling effect is obvious. The equipment is installed in the water circulation system. If the original scale thickness is less than 2mm, it can gradually loosen and fall off in about 30 days. The treated scale is granular and can be discharged with the sewage pipeline without blocking the pipeline system. After the old scale falls off, no new scale will be produced within a certain range.

3. The equipment has small volume, simple and convenient installation, and can be used unattended for a long time.

4. After the water flows through the equipment, it can turn the water into magnetized water, and it can inhibit and kill the bacteria in the water.

5. It does not corrode the equipment and can prolong the service life of the servo equipment.

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