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What are the working principles of the Blow molding machine?

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What are the working principles of the Blow molding machine?

The more common models include one-time hollow extrusion Blow molding machines that use PP and PE and two-time molding that uses PET, PC, or PP. So, what are the working principles of the Blow molding machine? Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l Billet loading system

l Stepping system

l Heating system

l Blowing system and unloading system

l Auxiliary system

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Billet loading system

The preform loading system automatically feeds the preform to the Blow molding machine, and the preform in the silo is uploaded to the guide rail through the conveyor belt from the bottom through the elevator. The inside of the guide rail automatically rotates to straighten out the preforms. The head of the preform is facing up and the tail of the preform is facing down. The automatic feeding system designed like our company's Blow molding machine has a feeding device, which can return irregular preforms to automatic feeding. The silo re-arranges the billets, and the orderly preforms use mechanical power from top to bottom to slide down to the designated positioning point. Blow molding machine upper blank grasping jaws take the preform and turn it over to the base of the transmission chain to complete the automatic feeding process.

Stepping system

The Blow molding machine stepping system is a transmission system that links various systems in the work of the Blow molding machine. It consists of two parts: a transmission chain and a preformed base. The transmission chain loads the preformed base carrying the preform and starts the preform from the preform loading system. In this way, it passes through the heating system and the blowing system to the bottle.

Heating system

The heating system of the Blow molding machine mainly heats the preform, and the preform is heated to a certain temperature to facilitate blowing and squeezing. Blow molding machine heating system is composed of the heating lamp tube, reflector, cooling system, and so on. The heating oven heats the performance through the infrared lamp tube, and the reflector makes the two sides of the preform evenly heated by reflection, and the preform automatically rotates. At the same time, the cooling system cools the bottle mouth to prevent the preform from bulging.

Blowing system and unloading system

The Blow molding machine blowing system is to blow the preform into a bottle, which is composed of a stretching device and a mold clamping device. The Blow molding machine finally blows the preform into a bottle through pre-blowing, high-blowing, stretch blowing, and exhaust. The bottle dropping system means that the bottle is blown to the lower bottle mouth by gripping the bottle to drop the bottle or blowing the bottle directly into the container by air delivery.

Auxiliary system

Blow molding machine auxiliary equipment is mainly composed of high-pressure and low-pressure air compressors, high and low-pressure refrigeration dryers, chillers, and air storage tanks. Blow molding machine blowing work is completed through auxiliary systems.

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