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What are the working mechanism and working principles of the labeling machine?

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What are the working mechanism and working principles of the labeling machine?

When it comes to labeling machines, those who are engaged in packaging should not be unfamiliar with it. The labeling on the goods we buy is done in part by the labeling machine. Without labeling machines, the efficiency of producing products would be greatly reduced, especially for mass production. Therefore, with the existence of labeling machines, the work efficiency is greatly improved at the same time, goods in the process of buying, selling and market circulation also avoids a lot of trouble, for which the labeling machine is indispensable. The following is the introduction of the working mechanism and working principle of the labeling machine.

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l Working mechanism

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Working mechanism

The labeling machine is mainly to complete the delivery of labels and the recovery of the backing paper machine. It includes a label release mechanism, peeling plate, traction mechanism, and paper collection mechanism. The paper collection mechanism is mainly used for the recovery of the backing paper. Since the speed of the traction roller driven by the stepper motor remains unchanged during the labeling process, while the radius of the roll of the backing paper is expanding, the stepper motor is used here to drive the rotation of the paper take-up tray through the conical belt with variable speed. The roll-pasting structure is mainly used to combine the label with the bottle more closely, it is composed of sponge board and roll-pasting belt, the sponge board is stationary, where the roll-pasting belt is driven by the roll-pasting motor, rubbing the round bottle to make the round bottle do pure rolling so that the self-adhesive label is closely attached to the round bottle.

Working principle

The work process begins with the boxes feeding the labeling machine at a constant speed on a conveyor belt. Mechanical fixtures separate the boxes at a fixed distance from each other and push the boxes in the direction of the conveyor belt. The mechanical system of the labeling machine consists of a drive wheel, a labeling wheel, and a reel. The drive wheel intermittently drags the labeling belt through the reel and pulls it out while passing over the labeling wheel, which presses the labeling belt against the case. An open-loop displacement control is used on the reel to maintain the tension of the label band because the labels are tightly attached to the label band, so the label band must constantly start and stop.

The label is applied to the case at the same speed as the labeling wheel moves. When the belt reaches a specific position, the label belt drive wheel accelerates to a speed that matches the belt, applies the label, and then decelerates to a stop.

Since the label belt can slip, it has registration marks on it to ensure that each label is placed correctly. The registration mark is read by a sensor, and during the deceleration phase of the label belt, the drive wheel is repositioned to correct any position errors on the label belt.

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