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What are the characteristics of mineral water bottling machines?

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What are the characteristics of mineral water bottling machines?

Mineral water bottling machine adopts a large number of new technologies, new technology, new structure, product quality in the same industry-leading level. It is characterized by the neck of the bottle stuck between the star wheel plate and the upper plate, driven by the star wheel drive card plate rotation and realize the transfer of the bottle, to achieve automatic bottle washing, filling, capping three major processes, with small bottle wear, bottle replacement simple, transmission accurate and smooth, process science and other advantages. More on this below.

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●What is the workflow of mineral water bottling machines?

●What are the characteristics of mineral water bottling machines?

What is the workflow of mineral water bottling machines?

First of all, the use of the bottle machine to clean the inside wall of the bottle, it is mainly through the wind to pass, the bottle machine rotary disc has a bottle clip, clamped the bottle flipped 180 degrees so that the bottle mouth facing down, at this time can be cleaned on the bottle. The flushed bottle is then transferred to the mineral water bottling machine, and the bottle entering the mineral water bottling machine is stuck by the bottleneck tray to make it rise, and the filling valve is opened from the top of the bottle. Enter the screw cap machine after filling. The screw caper first stabilizes the bottle, keeps the bottle upright, and then spins the cap head to maintain a rotation and rotation on the screw cap machine. When the above steps are complete, it is transported from the filling equipment.

What are the characteristics of mineral water bottling machines?

1, Mineral water bottling machine using card bottleneck suspension operation design, so that the whole line movement function is more reliable, overcome the bottle wall thin, bottle height error caused by the machine can not function properly factors, but also greatly reduce the number of changes, so that the replacement of bottle type, more convenient and fast. 2, Filling speed, liquid surface control stable, no-drip phenomenon. 3, Spring-type flushing pliers, empty bottles with the track automatically 180 degrees flip, inside and outside the two-way flushing, high bottle efficiency. 4, Mineral water bottling machine using magnetic torque-type screw cap, to achieve the cap, screw cover function. Screw cover moment is not graded adjustable, with constant torque screw seal cover function, and does not hurt the cover, seal tight and reliable. 5, Horizontal swing-type pneumatic cap, with no damage to the bottle cap surface, the hopper inside the missing cap signal automatically supplement the cover and other functions. 6, Mineral water bottling machine using PLC computer program control and human-machine interface touch screen button, with automatic control of the liquid surface in the cylinder, no bottles do not fill, no bottles do not cap the function, and there are dial bottle star wheel card bottle misalignment stop, cover chute missing cover stop and other functions. 7, The use of inverter stageless speed adjustment, production capacity digital display, adjustment is extremely convenient.

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