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Introduction to a water bottling plant

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Introduction to a water bottling plant

The water bottling plant is a manufacturing company specializing in R&D, production, sales, and service of automated packaging machinery products. With the increasing demand for beverages, various water bottling plants have gradually emerged. This article will introduce all aspects of our factory.

Here is the content list:

●What are the main products of our water bottling plant?

●What are the advantages of our water bottling plant?

●What are the characteristics of the filling machine produced by this water bottling plant?

What are the main products of our water bottling plant?

Our water bottling plant has a strong technical force and production equipment. The main products are: liquor filling machine, wine filling machine, edible oil filling machine, soy sauce filling machine, sesame oil filling machine, condiment filling machine, sauce body Filling machine, vinegar filling machine, high-precision filling machine, lubricating oil filling machine, syrup filling machine, honey filling machine, juice filling machine, beverage filling machine, fruit wine filling machine, automatic filling Production line, automatic small packaging filling line, large and medium barrel weighing filling machine and sealing machine, bottle washing machine, bottle crushing machine, glass recycling bottle de-labeling machine, conveyor line and drying equipment, labeling machine, sealing machine Other supporting liquid packaging production lines can be used either as a line or as a stand-alone machine. The filling production line produced by the water bottling plant can be used for various special-shaped bottles. It has the advantages of accurate quantification, simple operation, and low price. It can be applied to large, medium, and small enterprises.

What are the advantages of our water bottling plant?

1. The water bottling plant is well-equipped and has a wide variety of types: It produces filling machines, filling equipment, sealing machines, water treatment equipment, filtration equipment, and other products, and has a complete production line. 2. Rich experience: The water bottling plant provides a variety of filling equipment, rich in industry experience, and the equipment meets food hygiene standards. 3. Good service: The company's crude oil sales and after-sales service team provide customers with timely, cash collection, and after-sales technical support, and provides customers with technical solutions. 4. Reliable quality: The water bottling plant integrates the best quality supporting supplier information, and all external components are from well-known brands at home and abroad. Strictly control the entire process of equipment production, testing, sales, and service, layer-by-layer control, and attach importance to equipment quality.

What are the characteristics of the filling machine produced by this water bottling plant?

1. The control mechanism of the liquid level of the storage tank of the equipment is a floating ball type, with a relatively simple structure and very reliable work. 2. The middle pillar of the equipment is adjustable, no need to replace parts, it can meet the filling of any bottle with a height of 160-320 mm. 3. The equipment is suitable for quantitative filling of liquids of different bottle types. 4. The equipment is fully automatic liquid quantitative filling, which adopts measuring cup type quantitative method for filling, and the quantitative accuracy is relatively high.

Zhangjiagang Alps Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer dedicated to liquid filling production equipment and water treatment equipment. It is a water bottling plant that produces a variety of filling equipment and packaging equipment. If you want to purchase some filling equipment, you may want to consider using our products.

In addition,we provide Oil / Detergent Filling Machine.

Zhangjiagang Alps Machine Co., Ltd is located at the new port city-Zhangjiagang, it was founded at 2011 and started with beverage filling and packing machines. 
Our company covers an area of 15,000m2 and has standard workshop of 12,000m2.



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