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How to make the water filling machine fill evenly?

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How to make the water filling machine fill evenly?

Water filling machine is one of the packaging equipment, and with the use of the market more and more extensive, water filling machine ingredients weighing industry sales are also growing, followed by more and more filling machine products. But sometimes you will find that some machines will be an uneven filling phenomenon, this is how what went wrong? To solve this problem, let's analyze it.

Here is the content list:

●How to fill the water filling machine commissioning?

●How to solve the uneven filling volume of the filling machine?

How to fill the water filling machine commissioning?

1, First spin the nut and then adjust the screw so that the position of the lower retaining rod changes. Thus the push and pull length of the syringe is also changed to achieve the purpose of free adjustment of the component load. The screw adjusts clockwise to increments but decreases in volume.

2, Adjust the water filling machine immediately after the nut spin tight so that the following retention rod and crank fastening firmly.

3, Loose nut, according to the length of different syringe push and pull to determine the correct position on the retention rod. After the lower retention lever is adjusted, turn the crank to turn the syringe to the upper dead point, and then lift the syringe coat tube to about 2mm, so as not to rot the needle tube, and then the nut screw, before you can open the water filling machine.  

4, Water filling machine assembly after the error-free switch, machine work, by the crank to drive the syringe up and down pull pumping, adjust the speed knob, choose the appropriate assembly speed, start normal work, adjust the governor knob, clockwise assembly speed, the reverse speed is slow.

How to solve the uneven filling volume of the filling machine?

At present, there are many filling capacities, production, packaging methods, and other different products, the quality of the product is also uneven. If the quality of the water filling machine purchased is not off, the effect of filling is very important, such as uneven filling volume is a very common problem. In the process of water filling machine use, if a similar phenomenon occurs, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the equipment. First, check the water filling machine at all parts of the joint there is no side leakage phenomenon, if found side leakage should be relocked in each joint. Then check if the piston cylinder of the water filling machine is leaking, if this problem is the case, just change the seal ring on it. However, if it is not a leak problem, we must consider whether it is not caused by insufficient filling material, then the addition of material. It may also be due to the speed of suction, then the solution is the need to re-adjust the front and rear valves of the cylinder to achieve a stable state. In addition, the viscosity of the material is also an important factor.

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