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How to install and debug mineral water filling machine?

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How to install and debug mineral water filling machine?

How to carry out the correct commissioning of mineral water filling machine is related to the life of mechanical use, we should pay attention to the operating specifications to avoid damage to machinery, but can not ignore the details are often the machinery in particular need to pay attention to matters. So how can it be avoided? The following suggestions for you are available to help you.

Here is the content list:

●How do I install a mineral water filling machine?

●How to debug the mineral water filling machine?

How do I install a mineral water filling machine?

According to the different model specifications of the mineral water filling machine, refer to random matching instructions for installation. For small mineral water filling machine, do not require the construction of the foundation, only installed on the flat workshop floor, set a good level benchmark, according to the layout chart to adjust the bottle chain belt and the bottle chain belt elevation, adjust the feet, so that the load is evenly distributed. For large mineral water filling machines, a robust installation foundation is required. When installing to lay a good level benchmark, especially with the capping machine connection, the two parts of the bottle belt, the out of the bottle belt must be at the same level of benchmark. To ensure the smooth delivery of bottles, into the bottle under the star wheel of the bottle support plate should be higher than the bottle countertop 0.511mm; The bottle support plate under the middle star wheel should be lower than the bottle table plane 0.511mm. Check that each drive junction is running freely and that there must be no clamping interference. The horizontal part of the inlet pipe should have a certain slope to facilitate drainage and air discharge. Make sure that the load on each foot is uniform.

How to debug the mineral water filling machine?

1, According to the bottle type to replace the assembly of suitable accessories, adjust the components. 2, Thoroughly clean the storage tank, liquid pipe, and gas pipe, to ensure that there are no foreign objects. The water pressure test is carried out on both the reservoir and the pipe. 3, Carefully check the electrical control box wiring is correct, manually turn the device without clamping phenomenon before turning on the main switch. Start the device on a dot-up basis to check for anomalies. 4, Low-speed start mineral water filling machine, check start, brake, emergency stop, and speed control performance. Then the low-speed transporter an empty bottle, check whether it can pass smoothly through the bottle screw, guide rod, and star wheel, etc., each control block can be the sensitive response. Check that the falling cover is smooth and smooth and that the cover is tight. After that, adjust the value of each instrument on the liquid-gas control cabinet according to the filing requirements. 5, Check the reservoir level and pressure, for filling tests, adjust the filling head, control the bottled liquid level.

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