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Auxiliary Equiipment generally includes mixing tank, saccharification tank and chiller.Mixing tank can also be called water phase tank, which is widely used in coating, medicine, building materials, chemical industry, pigment, resin, food, scientific research and other industries. The equipment can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials according to the process requirements of users' products, and heating and cooling devices can be set to meet different process and production needs. The heating forms include jacket electric heating and coil heating. The equipment has the characteristics of reasonable structural design, advanced technology, durability, simple operation and convenient use. It is an ideal chemical equipment with less investment, fast production and high income.

Sugar melting pot is a newly designed melting heating equipment. The pot body is composed of a cylindrical stainless steel inner cylinder head to form a heat transfer interlayer. The outside is polished and packed with stainless steel, and the surface is beautiful and generous. The dissolved substance and cold water are placed in the pot, and the steam is introduced into the interlayer to achieve the purpose of heating and melting.

In the refrigeration industry, it is divided into air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers. According to the compressor, it is divided into screw chillers, scroll chillers and centrifugal chillers. In terms of temperature control, it is divided into low-temperature industrial chiller and normal temperature chiller. The temperature of normal temperature unit is generally controlled within the range of 0 ℃ - 35 ℃. The temperature control of low-temperature unit is generally about 0 ° to - 100 ° C.

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