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Process and facilities of the Water treatment plant

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Process and facilities of the Water treatment plant

Looking back on the history of development over the past century, sewage treatment has made great contributions to improving the living environment and promoting the progress of human civilization. In our daily life, the water treatment plant is very common, so I believe everyone is familiar with the water treatment plant. Next, let's take a look at the process and facilities of the Water treatment plant. Here are some answers.

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l The process of the water treatment plant.

l Water treatment plant facilities.

The process of the water treatment plant.

The flow of the water treatment plant is determined according to the required treatment level and economic analysis. Usually divided into three levels:

Primary treatment of water treatment plant: using the precipitation method, the removal rates of suspended solids and five-day biochemical oxygen demand can generally reach about 60% and 30%, respectively.

Secondary treatment of water treatment plant: the biological treatment of water is adopted, and the removal rate of suspended solids and biochemical oxygen demand in five days can generally reach about 90%. When the activated sludge method with a high loading rate is used, the removal rate of biochemical oxygen demand in five days is 60%.

Tertiary treatment of water treatment plant: further remove untreated substances in the secondary treatment. The main treatment structure of the first-level Water treatment plant is the sedimentation tank. The secondary Water treatment plant adds a biological device (aeration tank, biological filter, biological turntable or biological aerated filter, etc.) and a post-sedimentation tank. Because there are sedimentation tanks before and after and their functions are different, the former is often called the primary sedimentation tank and the latter is the secondary sedimentation tank. There are auxiliary facilities and facilities for treating sludge in the sedimentation tank. Auxiliary facilities are generally grilles and grit tanks (also called miscellaneous grain tanks). The grille removes lumps and cloth pieces. The grit tank removes easy-sinking materials to avoid accumulation in subsequent deep tanks and affect operation.

Water treatment plant facilities.

The facilities for processing sludge are generally digestion tanks and dehydration equipment (drying beds or dehydrators). Water treatment plant buildings usually have pump rooms, laboratories, sludge dehydration rooms, repair factories, etc. The activated sludge Water treatment plant often has a blower or air compressor room. To control operation, economic dispatch, and improve the management level, Water treatment plants began to adopt automatic devices and electronic computer control. First, remote communication, remote measurement, recording, and alarming of operating parameters such as water quality, water volume, and power supply voltage. Second, automatic control and remote control of valve opening and closing and water pump unit scheduling. Third, the effluent quality of the secondary treatment sometimes fails to meet the discharge requirements, so further treatment (or advanced treatment) is required. The effluent of the biological treatment method is generally rich in ammonia, nitrogen, nitrate, and phosphate, and eutrophication often occurs when the water is discharged into chubby water bodies (such as lakes and bays). At this time, facilities for removing nitrogen and phosphorus are often added. When the effluent is discharged into water bodies with extremely high water quality requirements or irrigated grass, stadiums, and recreational green spaces, and the water quality needs to be improved overall, a double-layer filter bed filter is often added.

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