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Introduction of Blow molding machine

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Introduction of Blow molding machine

Blow molding machines currently on the market are mainly divided into PET Blow molding machines and plastic Blow molding machines, which are mainly used for blowing mineral water, beverage bottles, daily edible oil, pesticide bottles, and other packaging daily chemical bottles. Next, let's take a look at the introduction of the Blow molding machine. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • What is a Blow molding machine?

  • Blow molding machine's blowing process.

  • Advantages of Blow molding machine.

What is a Blow molding machine?

A Blow molding machine is to blow out the liquid plastic, using the windblown by the machine to blow the plastic body into a certain shape of the mold cavity to make a product. The main common domestic Blow molding machines are the two-step Blow molding machine and the one-step Blow molding machine. Most of the machines are also the two-step Blow molding machine, that is, plastic raw materials must be made into preforms before blowing.

Blow molding machine's blowing process.

The blowing process of the Blow molding machine directly determines the key factor of the quality of the Blow molding machine's equipment. There are many factors that affect the blowing process. If the temperature is not uniformly heated during the blowing process, such as the temperature is too high, the bottle may coking, white fog, or even bottle burst. If the temperature is too low, it may cause material accumulation, whitening, or even cracking at the bottom of the bottle. The heating temperature of the preform caliber is too high, and it will cause the bottleneck to bend and other phenomena.

Advantages of Blow molding machine.

First, the control system of the Blow molding machine has an automatic notification function that will display the computer and issue an alarm when an operation error or malfunction occurs. Second, the constant pressure-temperature adjustment method is used to control the heating of the preform by the infrared lamp to ensure that the preform is heated in an appropriate amount, accurately, and without disturbance, and is not affected by changes in the input voltage. Third, each heating zone is equipped with independent staged temperature control. The position and interval of the lamp and light reflection plate in the heating zone can be adjusted according to the shape and size of the preform to achieve the best heating effect. Fourth, according to the needs of different products, the Blow molding machine can be combined with the design of a two-chamber biaxial stretching cylinder, three-chamber three-axis stretching cylinder, four-chamber four-axis stretching cylinder, or six-chamber six-axis stretching cylinder. Separately adjust the single-chamber uniaxial stretching cylinder to meet the different needs of modulators and trial-manufactured machines. The fifth, mold replacement is convenient and quick, and there is no need to adjust the thickness of the mold within the range of the corresponding mechanical mold.

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