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Do you know how the juice production line works?

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Do you know how the juice production line works?

The juice production line integrates washing, filling, and sealing into one hot filling machine, which is suitable for various juice beverage filling production, tea beverage filling production, milk beverage filling production, blueberry juice production, kiwi juice filling production, pear juice filling production, grape juice filling production, apple juice filling production, orange juice filling production. If you are interested in the juice production line, please read on.

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l What is the process flow of fruit juice production?

l What are the production details of the juice production line?

What is the process flow of fruit juice production?

The general process flow of the juice production line is as follows: raw material selection - cleaning - crushing and juice extraction - coarse filtration - clarification and fine filtration - homogenization and degassing - concentration adjustment and mixing - packaging and sterilization can be done.

At the same time, it should be noted that when selecting raw materials, it is necessary to use fresh, mature, good flavor, strong aroma, stable color, juice, and moderate acidity to eliminate mold fruits, pests, fruits, and impurities to ensure the quality of juice. Fruit must be fully drenched and washed. Berry fruit cleaning must be very careful. Sorting fruit to remove part or all of the rotten fruit is an important process and necessary step in the production of high-quality juice. Otherwise, as long as there is a small amount of moldy fruit mixed into the good material, it will affect a lot of juice flavor. Raw material washing to reduce pesticides, microbial contamination of important measure. The raw materials with skin juice should be paid more attention to the washing.

What are the production details of the juice production line?

Bottle flushing part.

Rotary bottle flushing machine, mainly used for rinsing new bottles of beverages, water, and other products. Then the bottles are sent to the juice filling machine for product filling. PET bottles enter the equipment from the bottle dividing star wheel by the clamp and flip mechanism to hold the bottle mouth and turn it to the bottle mouth facing down, rinse with aseptic water and then drain, automatically flip to the bottle mouth facing up and convey to the filling machine by the bottle discharge star wheel. The main structure of the equipment and the contact part of the rinsing medium and the external shield are made of high-quality stainless steel; open gear drive. New stainless steel clamp, simple structure, easy to adjust; less contact area with bottle mouth, effectively avoiding secondary pollution to bottle mouth.

Filling part.

The filling part of the fruit juice production line realizes filling materials into the washed bottles sent over by the bottle puncher.

The filling valve adopts the way of negative pressure filling and reflux, the filling is fast and sensitive, and the accuracy of filling liquid level is high. There is no spring inside the valve, so the material is not in contact with the spring, which facilitates the cleaning inside the valve. To ensure the filling process and filling temperature, the filling valve is in a micro reflux state when there is no bottle or shutdown. The filling cylinder adopts the full cylinder method to ensure stable pressure inside the cylinder.

Capping part.

The capping screwing machine of the juice production line drives the rotation of the rotary disc through the reducer to make the cap leave the hopper from the outlet under the action of centrifugal force. There is a positive and negative cap separating device at the outlet, when the negative cap passes, the cap automatically falls into the return pipe and the negative cap is automatically blown into the hopper through the wind.

Zhangjiagang Alps Machine Co., Ltd.'s juice beverage equipment adopts the advanced micro-negative pressure gravity filling principle, filling fast, stable and accurate, with a perfect material reflux system, also can realize the reflux when the independent return gas, not in contact with the material, reduce the material secondary pollution and oxidation. If you are interested in juice production, you can consider our production line.

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