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Do you know how the drinking water filling machine works?

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Do you know how the drinking water filling machine works?

We know that the drinking water filling machine has obvious advantages, mainly for the processing of beverages. Nowadays, the filling machine is used in the factory for processing. The drinking water filling machine has automatic and semi-automatic types. Let's introduce automation in the drinking water filling machine.

Here is the content list:

●What are the advantages of automation in drinking water filling machines? 

●How does the automatic drinking water filling machine work?


What are the advantages of automation in drinking water filling machines? 

The automatic drinking water filling machine is usually used for different kinds of utensils. It can independently adjust the flow rate of each filling channel. It is concise and easy to use. The machine is made of stainless steel, high-precision pneumatic valve to ensure that there is no leakage in the filling, the operation is balanced, there is no bottle, no liquid, self-alarming, shutting down, safe and stable.

The automatic drinking water filling machine can also pump air into the bottle to generate a vacuum. When the vacuum reaches the corresponding value, the liquid is injected into the bottle by the pressure difference between the liquid filling box and the vessel to realize the filling. It is usually used for filling liquids that do not contain gas, such as juices. Given the filling under vacuum, the drinking water filling machine is stopped when the bottle leaks, which can reduce the loss. However, under vacuum, the pressure-filling method that will lose a little fragrance for a little liquid with a fragrance is stricter for the empty bottle model. Because its quantitative is determined by the depth of the filling nozzle into the empty bottle, the volume of the bottle is also harmful. Quantitative accuracy.

How does the automatic drinking water filling machine work?

The filling stage of an automatic drinking water filling machine usually includes three processes: bottle washing, filling and capping. The three processes are realized in a drinking water filling machine. The first step is to wash the bottle: the bottle is washed through five stations. The first station is washed and disinfected with chlorine dioxide (CLO2). The washing time is adjustable. The first station time is 12S, the second station is 12S, and the third station is 12S, the fourth station is pure water cleaning, and the time can be adjusted according to different needs. The fifth station is to dry the residual water in the rinsed barrel. The second step is filling: the cleaned container is transported by the chain conveying mechanism and falls on the barrel holding mechanism. The barrel holding mechanism will center the empty barrel, and the filling valve will press positively to start filling. The filling time can be adjusted according to the filling pump. The flow rate is adjusted. The third step is filling and capping: when the filling is finished, the barrel delivery mechanism will send the filled barrel to the cap sorting machine to cover the cap. When the capped barrel is transferred to the capping mechanism, the capping cylinder will remove the bottle. The cover is pressed tightly, and at this point, a washing and irrigation cycle is completed.

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