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Benefits and location of Water treatment plants

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Benefits and location of Water treatment plants

The water treatment plant is not only the last gateway to control sewage discharge, but also a key unit of water pollutant discharge, and its stable and up-to-standard operation is essential. In recent years, the construction of sewage treatment facilities in various places has been accelerated, and the sewage treatment capacity has been continuously improved. At the same time, in various environmental inspections, inspections, and notifications, sewage treatment plants have repeatedly appeared, causing social concern. Next, let's take a look at the benefits and location of Water treatment plants. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l What are the benefits of urban construction Water treatment plants?

l Site selection of Water treatment plant.

What are the benefits of urban construction Water treatment plants?

First, to improve the quality of water quality. After the sewage is treated, the water quality is filtered and eliminated from the original pollution situation again and again, so that the degree of pollution of the water is greatly reduced, so that the water can be used again. Second, urban construction Water treatment plants can effectively protect buildings, industries, and other facilities. As we all know, water will cause serious corrosion to metal equipment and pipelines. Due to the high salinity of oily sewage, there is dissolved oxygen that dissolves acid gases such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. Corrosion occurs in treatment facilities and re-injection systems. Third, the water treatment plant can effectively treat domestic sewage and industrial wastewater in urban areas, avoiding the direct flow of sewage and pollutants into waters and is of great significance to improving the ecological environment, upgrading the quality of the city, and promoting economic development. Because the sewage is not treated, it will inevitably be discharged into the river, which will not only pollute the environment but also adversely affect the quality of people's living water. Fourth, urban construction of Water treatment plants can promote the water circulation system. The natural circulation of water is an unbalanced open system with a self-organizing structure, and the social circulation of water is a balanced system with an artificial organizational structure.

Site selection of Water treatment plant.

The water treatment plant will produce sludge and a peculiar smell in the process of sewage treatment. Therefore, the location of the Water treatment plant in the initial stage of establishment is very important. The location of the water treatment plant should match the outlet of wastewater, consider the needs of the phased construction of the entire drainage system, and obey the urban land planning. Especially the Water treatment plant with sludge treatment and dehydration equipment has a certain impact on the environmental quality of the surrounding houses, and there should be an appropriate isolation green belt. Developed computing technology has made the economic analysis of drainage system planning more and more perfect, and the selection of the Water treatment plant site is often solved at the same time as the planning of the entire system.

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